Lessons Learned: Sharing experiences to boost competitiveness

In 2014, Biocat and CataloniaBio & HealthTech launched the initiative Lessons Learned: Sharing experiences to boost competitiveness. The objective of these sessions is to foster the exchange of experiences and networking among professionals from companies in the field of health and life sciences.

Four sessions were held in 2017 and were attended by around 160 professionals. The speakers shared their knowledge, experiences and points of view on key issues for the development of companies in the sector.

In 2017, the following sessions were held as part of the Lessons Learned initiative:

SME Instrument (21 February): The objective of this meeting was to provide training with a practical focus in relation to the European Commission’s SME Instrument program, which gives SMEs the opportunity to present innovation projects with a high potential for growth, development and internationalization. Representatives from ACCIÓ, Inbiomotion, Zeclinics and Sense4care participated.

Internationalization (5 April): The top executives of the companies Manremyc, Ability Pharmaceuticals, InKemia and Spiral Therapeutics talked about the importance of preparing a good internationalization strategy and evaluating the potential of internationalization by explaining, through a practical approach, how to plan access to new markets.

Technology transfer (31 May): Transfer of technology and knowledge from a public center to a company, public-private partnerships and innovative programs that seek to enhance technologies that are in academic centers, were the day’s topics of debate, with speakers from Eurecat, Caixa Capital Risc, Botín Foundation and Esteve.

Convergence of Pharma and Medtech (29 November): Companies basing their strategy on the convergence of the worlds of biopharmaceutical and medical devices shared their experiences: Devicare, Avinent, Ascidea and Alcura.

More than a hundred people participated in the "Lessons Learned" in 2017

Attendees learned key issues for the development of companies in the sector

The sessions are a forum for knowledge and networking